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Who We Are

Sync-Code is a software company based in Pristina, Kosovo. We develop innovative products as well as custom software solutions.

We develop wide enterprise solutions by covering the entire development process and also cooperate with companies who want to outsource their projects. Our team has proven to experience outsourcing projects from the EU and the US.


Our products and services are planned in detail having scalability and extensibility in mind. We can provide extended development teams based on client needs and requirements. With Scrum and agile experts on board, we react fast and adapt client requirements in an agile form to meet their deadlines.


Our main focus is to develop professional products and services following the latest coding technologies and principles. The team regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep up with trends in technology.


By using test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium we ensure that new features are integrated properly with the old ones.


Whether you choose cloud or on-premises solution we provide technical support for products. New requests, support and feature changes are tracked by our systems.

What We Do

Our products and services make your business or organization grow and stand out.

Our team has experience in the front end, back end, database management systems, software development technologies making so a complete team for development.

Web Development

Machine Learning & Analytics

Mobile Development

Recent Works

Here are some of the public projects we have done lately. Feel free to check them out.

Orientim në Karrierë

Orientim ne Karriere is a carrier orientation platform for Kosovar students. It helps students to find their recommended field of study based on their personality and skills then find out universities and colleges that are ready to accept students in that field. The platform also includes an admin panel for volunteers to add studying advice and post scholarship events. The platform is online since August 2017 and for more information, you can follow the link below.


Flip3 GRC

Flip3 helps your company manage governance, risk and compliance. You can extend Flip3 by adding other modules such as Request Management, Change Management or Privacy Management. It can be hosted on premise or in cloud and also comes with a ready to use expsed API, which you can use for faster integration with other systems.

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GDPR Platform

Our platform helps your company to easily become GDPR compliant. The solution can be integrated into all applications including those that were developed before GDPR became enforceable. The main modules are anonymization, report, and consent. With our platform implemented your customers can request and receive all the information you have about them, have their data deleted, and manage consent for processing their data.

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